Android customization tips!

How I customize my Android phone

Todays topic is Android customizatiAndroid Custom homescreen MyColorScreen henettajaon and this will be a series split into 2-3 parts. I will go through best widgets, icon packs, launchers and some root hacks.

Here we go!

← A homescreen design by me; You can find more from my MyColorScreen page


Zooper widget pro: Zooper widget is a widget app that you can use to create your own widgets or download other peoples creations from the Play Store. However, you will need the paid “pro” version if you want to use the downloadable ones from the Play Store. This is the only widget you will need on your phone.  

Source: My homescreen, widget is RyanMKelly ”ThreeBar”

           Source: spncrmoo on Play Store

Icon packs:

To use icon packs, you’re going to need a third party launcher for your phone. I will go through those another time but to get you started you could check out Nova Launcher from the Play Store.

Click UI: This is the icon pack I’m using right now and it looks really sleek. Click UI’s icons work best with low contrast and blurred wallpapers. Take a look!

           Source: KXNT’s Tumblr blog

Tiny White: I just recently switched from this icon pack to the click UI, however that doesn’t make it a bad icon pack. It’s great whenever you want to create a really minimal look for your phone.

           Source: dbergeson’s post on this XDA thread

Holler! wht/blk: This icon pack has been one of my favorites for a long time and it also creates a very minimal look on your homescreen. The icons are semi transparent and are available in both white and black for different kind’s of wallpapers.

 Source: this XDA thread

I hope this helps you to make your home screens look awesome! You should check my profile on MyColorScreen which is a site where people can share their homescreens and give likes to the ones they like.


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