App of the day : Iconic

Iconic – It’s addictive… And it looks good!

Looking for a new game you can play for those few free minutes you have between classes, or meetings or whatever? Well, you should check Iconic, then you can do that, and do it in style!

The idea


Iconic is a trivia game by Flow studio, where you have to guess a word from icons shown on the screen. It’s pretty fun and depending on when you were born you will have varying success on this game. If you don’t know something, it’s a pretty safe bet to ask your parents if they know what the icons are saying. The image clues in Iconic are from 3 different categories which are music, movies & people and the developer promises more in the future.

Great UI design

Iconic app UI designIconic_screenshot_4

Iconic is like a well dressed man. A colorful, well dressed man, but well dressed nonetheless. It has a colorful and original UI design which is important for any app in my opinion, because that by itself makes me want to open the app more often and obviously it’s good that when people show an app to their friends it actually looks impressive and immediately makes them want to try it too.

Wrap up


The game itself is pretty new, it was released on August 26, 2014 and it’s free to download but has in-app purchases that you can use to buy coins which can be used to reveal different kinds of hints. You can also earn the coins by completing the puzzles. You can download Iconic for Android or iOS devices from the links below.

Link to Play Store

Link to App Store


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