NudeAudio, Super-M and its Kickstarter project

NudeAudio Super-M bluetooth speaker

About the Super-M

Super-M is NudeAudio’s newest speaker, which they launched with a Kickstarter campaign on July 16th. They raised their goal in under 24 hours and when the project ended on August 15th, they had raised almost $840 000, 1119% over their
initial goal of $75 000.

The Super-M sports 4 full-range speaker drivers and 2 passive subwoofers. 2 drivers and 1 passive subwoofer per side, so yes, it pumps out 360-degree sound.

According to NudeAudio it offers 8 hours of continuous playback, but as a backer of the Kickstarter project I know they’ve said they’ve managed to go over that. It’s better to report less than it actually is than promising too much. You can stream music to Super-M via Bluetooth but it also has a 3.5mm AUX-in port for devices that don’t support bluetooth. It can also be used as a speakerphone with it’s built in microphone

NudeAudio Super-M bluetooth speaker 360 degree sound

NudeAudio’s previous success – The Move series

NudeAudio has managed to gain praise from the press right from the start, last summer with their Move line of speakers which consists of three models named Move-S; to attach to your jacket or backpack, Move-M; to take with you anywhere you go while improving the sound quality compared to the Move-S, and then Move-L; it’s obviously the biggest one of the bunch and it’s probably best used around the house and on trips where you can take a bit more with you.

NudeAudio Move L M S

They also have a speaker dock for iPhone and Android devices, called the Studio 5 which uses the Lightning connector but is also compatible with bluetooth and uses the aptX codec to offer better sound quality.



Impressions on the Super-M Kickstarter project

I’ve backed 7 projects on Kickstarter before the Super-M and I can honestly say that NudeAudio’s Kickstarter project has been the best experience out of them all. From the start Tom, Peter and Ben have been very active to answer people’s comments and questions. In the meantime the backers developed a great community in the comments and I guess you could say some of us backers have even become like unofficial moderators that take care of the questions from people. I’m happy to be part of the community and people reading this who have also backed the project, no matter have you been an active commenter, just an occasional questioner or a comment spectator, you rock!

Also, the NudeAudio team has been super nice to give the active people in the community some perks like free T-shirts and for me, they even gave another Super-M for free (!?), because I visualized people’s colorway suggestions as well as designed my own, when the Super-M Community Color voting was still on! (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!)

Shoutouts to NudeAudio’s Tom, Peter, Joanna, Ben and other behind the scenes 🙂

Coming up next

So, I have the honor to be the second actual customer to have the Super-M in their hands (Nik the pirate from the backer community received his last Thursday, check out his awesome Super-M vids on Youtube).

So, now I’ll start writing the following posts

  1. First impressions of the NudeAudio Super-M
  2. A NudeAudio Super-M review

The first impressions post will be coming up today or tomorrow and the review will come later, maybe a week or two from now, so I can test the Super-M in different environments and get a good feel of the product.

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