NudeAudio Super-M bluetooth speaker – First impressions

NudeAudio Super-M goodie bag

NudeAudio goodie bag with the Super-M

This came in the mail on Monday 😉

A goodie bag from NudeAudio, awesome, right?! See what’s inside and read my first impressions on the Super-M!

A long weekend of waiting for the Super-M

So, I wasted my weekend waiting for this dang thing because I missed the DHL courier on Friday. I was super mad and couldn’t even concentrate on reading to the history exam I had on Monday. That went well though (Or so I think, don’ have the results yet) and meanwhile the DHL guys had left the goodie bag on my back porch.

The NudeAudio goodie bag contentsNudeAudio Super-M goodie bag contents

So, they sent me the Super-M (The main thing, obviously) along with a couple of NudeAudio sticker packs and a NudeAudio T-shirt, which is not the epic Kickstarter project T-shirt but definitely a cool shirt nonetheless, it’s good NudeAudio has a pretty logo. I really love how they delivered these in a gift bag, it’s definitely a nice touch, although the bag had gotten a bit dirty on the way here, which is to be expected, though.

Just know that this isn’t how they’ll be shipping the Super-Ms around the world when they start the mass shipments. For most it will probably come in cardboard boxes and I’m not sure whether they will come with stickers or not. If you ordered a T-shirt it will be the project T-shirt, not this one.

Super-M impressions

NudeAudio Super-M impressions

The first thing I noticed when taking it out of the package is that it’s a bit smaller than what I was expecting, I thought it would be maybe a centimetre wider and taller. It’s performance is very impressive considering it’s even smaller than expected.

First time powering on

Now, I turned it on and tried to connect it to my phone. Which I managed to fail at first, even with this very minimal user interface. I don’t know what was I doing wrong or what was up then but the bluetooth light wasn’t blinking and the speaker wasn’t appearing in my phone’s list of bluetooth devices. After trying to connect for a while I just turned it off and on again but this time pressing the power button for a second or two, after which the speaker turned on, made a little sound effect indicating it was available for pairing and the bluetooth light starter blinking. Now my phone found Super-M no problem and connected to it in just a few seconds. If you’re wondering, I’m using the Google’s Nexus 5.

Sound’s pumping

The first track I blasted through the Super-M ended up being “Rise” by my favourite artist OVERWERK. I’m not reporting anything about the sound quality on this “impressions” post but I will say that considering that I was surprised with the size of the Super-M I was even more surprised that a speaker that size gets so loud (With no distortion whatsoever).

In my room (which is on the smaller side but not super small nor big) I couldn’t comfortably keep it even close to the full volume and when testing it outside while biking with my friends (I wish I already had the Super-M bike mount) it was best somewhere between the ~80% – ~50% volume. In both situations I wanted to keep it on a level where I could still talk with my friends.NudeAudio Super-M top view

Friends = impressed

When I showed it to a friend who hadn’t heard about the Super-M nor NudeAudio before (And who owns the Bose SoundLink Mini) it didn’t take long for her to want one too. She was also very surprised the Super-M costs only $99 (About 78€). Everyone I showed it to seemed pretty impressed, just like me.


Even with all the hype, this speaker managed to really impress me. In a week or so I’ll post  the full review where I’ll describe the sound it produces and obviously I can’t state my final opinions now when I’ve only had one day and a half with the Super-M.

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