Kickstarter Highlight : Amalgam by Daniel Reed

amalgam posters graphical design daniel reed

Amalgam posters

Daniel Reed is a 23-years-old graphic designer from Sheffield. Amalgam is a project for Daniel Reed’s series of 4 posters. He got inspiration for the design from Japanese “Tatami” matts often placed side by side to create a bigger surface. Daniel has recreated the patterns the matts create on the floor creating abstract and colourful art.

Don’t see the matts on the prints? Well, let me explain. As I said the matts are usually placed side by side to form bigger surfaces. So Daniel has taken the perspective to the sky and filled every matt with it’s own colour then created a more abstract effect by blending the colours together. To finish the look he added halftone to the images.

Very clever in my opinion and the finished product would definitely look nice when framed and hung on the wall.

The posters will be printed on A1 sized paper at Sheffield’s Evolution Print. For the more technical specs about the printing and the paper see below:

  • A1 (594mmx 841mm)
  • Full Colour
  • Litho 800 off
  • 170gsm Munken Lynx Rough White

He’s Kickstarter goal is set at £2500 and he has little by little gained more backers on board and at the time of writing he has managed to get £235 towards the goal. It’s still long ways to go but if you enjoy modern art and would like to see these on your walls you should definitely take a closer look. And remember: as with any other project every single pound counts towards the goal so if you enjoy the art but can’t afford the whole deal you can share the project or pledge a pound or two.

Also check out Daniel Reed’s page on Behance for more of his work.


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