NudeAudio Super-M – Review

Updated after 3 months of use:

JUST a bluetooth speaker, but a really good one

So, how has the Super-M been for these 3 months you may ask? Awesome. I’ve gotten even happier with it since. Bluetooth works like a charm, it sounds great, it has suffered drops without any damage and it looks as good as new. I’ve updated this review with bits and pieces of new text so my experience with the Super-M comes across as accurately as possible. Here’s the old intro for ya:

So, it’s a speaker, the wireless kind but it can also be used with a wired connection. It can also work as a speakerphone if need be. NudeAudio’s philosophy is to leave all but the most essential features out to create the best possible product at a certain price point. This is what got my attention to their Kickstarter project at the first place.

There’s no bullsh*t with the Super-M. It does what it’s made to do, and it does it very well, even better than many of it’s more expensive competitors. If you’re on the lookout for a new bluetooth speaker or you’re completely new to the product category, this could very well be the speaker you want and need.

Let’s just get a bit more in-depth so you’ll know what this is all about.

Attractive design

Super-M NudeAudio bluetooth speaker


The Super-M is a small speaker, smaller than I first imagined. You may also be surprised by its size, especially when you hear what it sounds like, but more on that later.

Like in the promo pics, you can fit it in the back pocket of your jeans. I could even fit it in the front pocket without a problem – and we’re talking about skinny jeans here. I have to admit that I’m pretty skinny myself so If you have stick legs like me then you’ll probably find it easy to carry the Super-M around, not that it’s not easy to carry otherwise. Also, If you sit with the Super-M in your back pocket I can from experience say that the unit does not bend (Ehm, yeah..)!

It’s a very attractive speaker and the design should appeal just as much to women as it does men. That’s the impression I got when I talked about the design with both my female and male friends. The black colour almost looks like it could be from a spy movie, though it doesn’t look out of place anywhere else either. If you want some colour added to your life then there are plenty of options to choose from thanks to the collaborations and community colour voting NudeAudio ran on Kickstarter with their backers. Not all the colours will be available for retail though. The colours available online and in stores will be the light gray & mint, charcoal & coral (not black & coral for anyone wondering), all black and navy & lime.

Super-M colours NudeAudio bluetooth speaker

The design of the Super-M feels like a perfect balance between looks and function.


NudeAudio Super-M bluetooth speaker frost

The Super-M looks and feels sturdy and it’s also water- and dustproof so it’s a great speaker at the beach. It can also take a small bump thanks to the rubber bumper going around it.

I haven’t been able to use it at the beach, not really the beach season anymore here in Finland but I have used it in the shower and it can easily survive it. It affects the sound quality a little but you won’t notice it while showering.

The bumper

The bumper was initially taped on and a few devices got out that way. What you will be getting though is a Super-M with a removable rubber bumper. Maybe they will be selling them in different colours in the future so you can customize your speaker. Who knows, but could be a nice idea.

The decision of removing the tape was a welcome one also in the sense that the bumper holds onto the device better without it. I think the tape messed with the notches normally holding the bumper in place. Below is a picture of what would easily happen with the bumper on units where it was taped on. Now the bumper really stays in position.

NudeAudio Super-M rubber bumper peel

Loud and Clear

NudeAudio Super-M bluetooth speaker urban

At least it’s loud enough…

NudeAudio has done an impressive job with the Super-M’s audio playback. I almost couldn’t believe how loud the already surprisingly small speaker could get when trying it out in my room. Even outside it can pump out sound at volumes that will surely fill the environment with the joy of music. Outside I found the perfect volume to be about 60% and inside under 50%. At those volumes you could still hear the music but also talk with your friends. If you’re alone and want to listen at a bit higher volume, turning the volume up once or twice should do the trick. I didn’t find myself needing to crank it on full volume in any situation I ran into with it.

When listening outside, although the about 60% volume is alright the sound doesn’t spread to a large area like when inside. This is the draw back of the size of the speaker housing. On that 50% volume there’s still a lot of room to compensate it though.

…But doesn’t lack in the audio quality department either!

The sound coming from the speaker is very balanced. The bass is apparent even at the lowest volume but doesn’t override the mid or high frequencies. Even at the highest volume the sound doesn’t distort at all (Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers seems to be an exception, it distorts a little when listening on full blast but turn the volume down one notch and it’s gone), but some songs seem to lose some detail on full volume.

In terms of genres of music I haven’t found any that the Super-M wouldn’t fit well and I listen to a VERY wide variety of music. From orchestral to house to pop. Acoustic and electronic. You name it.

Let’s talk about bass (♪All about that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble♫):

I’m not a huge bass head and in my opinion there’s just enough of it. My friends who have pretty average sound preferences (they’re used to a little more bass than I am) didn’t complain about anything either when listening to music with the Super-M.

In comparison to the Bose Soundlink Mini bluetooth speaker, the Super-M blows it out of the water in terms of volume, but I would say the Soundlink produces a tad cleaner bass. Other than that I can’t say I notice any differences. A friend of mine said when we were at her place where she has Pioneer stereo speakers that they’re very close to each other in sound quality. They do indeed compare very (surprisingly) well on a reasonable volume.

NudeAudio Super-M bluetooth speaker

Since the Super-M is equipped with speakers on both sides, you can just put it next to a wall to make it sound louder. Putting it on a table obviously helps as well because the sound reflects from the surface. It does get loud enough even without the help of walls though so the only reason you would be setting this close to walls would be to improve the bass response.

After some time of not using the Super-M it always blows my mind when I hear it again. It really sounds pretty incredible.


There’s no problems with the range of Bluetooth connectivity anymore (New antenna design on all units available for purchase).

You can put your phone in your pocket while the Super-M is on a table and the music plays without a problem and the signal can also go through a wall or a few (when not in your pocket) with varying success depending on the wall type. My tests were done through a concrete wall and it passed that. In an open space you can go well beyond the promised 30 feet (about 9 meter) mark.



In pretty much every way I could think of this is the perfect sub-$100 portable speaker. It produces good quality sound, can achieve very high volumes, looks good and is water- and dustproof.

Apparently the Logitech UE Boom is about the same with the sound quality but it’s twice the price. That’s just what I’ve heard, I haven’t had a chance to test the UE boom. But what I do know is that it doesn’t fit in your back pocket!

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